Monday, April 25, 2016

Children, Goats, and Horses

Sunday was a pretty eventful day.  We got a surprise visit from E Saturday night.  She is taking a P/F class and she needed to make 2 quilt blocks and had no fabric, tools or instructions.  So Sunday morning was spent with sewing lessons. 
Before she left, she wanted to visit with the baby goats.  Well, who wouldn't want to see such cuteness.
Then J and I loaded up Otoelene and Brother for the first trail ride on the season.  Brother was a little "looky" at the start but settled down and did fine.
He did balk at this tree across the trail and Otoelene had to lead the way through.
Brother decided it was no big deal after that.
 J made a few adjustments before heading back down the mountain.
 We did spot this handsome fellow.  He had quite the wing span as he took off down the trail.
Then it was 2 miles up the gravel road for the home stretch.  8.5 miles in the leisurely pace of 2 3/4 hours.  When we are condition for the endurance ride we do it in 1 1/4 hours.
Then when we got home, this message was greeting me on my ipad.  Looks like we will be getting a son-in-law.   They went hiking and he proposed at their lunch stop.  I wonder if V even remembers the rest of the hike.


Mrs Shoes said...

This young man obviously has an imagination to spring such a pretty sparkle-rock @ 'Rock Castle'; hearty congratulations!!

Alica said...

Congratulations on your "growing family"! :)

C said...

Very Exciting!

Crystal said...

Oh how exciting congrats V!
And that ride what a pretty spot even if it was leisurely

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