Saturday, April 2, 2016

House Hunters

V thinks she is ready to buy her first house so we went house hunting with her yesterday.  She expanded her radius from work to look at bigger houses at cheaper prices. 
 First up, the Mid Century Modern.  Well,  from the outside anyway.  3 bed/1 1/2 bath, full basement.
 Teeny,  tiny 1/2 bath.
 Nice living room, sun room, kitchen needed updating.  1628 sf and carport.  privet back yard.
 Next up, the House on The Hill.  Very steep yard built in the 80's on the market for 6 years.
 Lodge look living room
 but cheap finishes throughout.  1600 sf.
 And lastly, the Move In Ready.  HOA subdivision 1260 square feet.
 Nice appliances built in 2007.
3 bed/2 bath with 6 foot crawl space and privacy fence. Also, 2 car attached,garage.
What will she do???


Kim said...

She may need some of your goats to graze on that hill if she goes with #2. haha. Hope she finds the one that is just perfect for her!

Mrs Shoes said...

Smart girl you've raised who will buy a house & build equity instead of throwing $$ away on rent.
That hill is wicked steep, can't imagine trying to get up it on an icy winter day.

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