Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In One Day

Kidding is now in full swing.  Seven nannies kidded yesterday.
and triplets.  Did you get them all counted?  19 from 7 nannies.  I don't think the quad nanny will be able to raise all of hers and one of the triplets is already getting ignored so it looks like we will have some bottle babies again.  I think this year I might just give them away to avoid all the hassle of raising them.

Kid count - 24


Mrs Shoes said...

Quadruplets!?! Wow.

Rose said...

They are adorable!

Crystal said...

Wow that's a big day! I want a goat if your delivering :)

Alica said...

Quadruplets?! Wow! I'm sure it's a noisy barn/meadow at your place! :)

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