Friday, April 29, 2016

She's Here! She's Here!

Today we drove 3 hours to Knoxville to pick up a horse.
 Not just any horse, she's a wild mustang.
 I have until August 26th to get her ready for competition.
 Along with the Extreme Mustang Makeover, others were picking up internet adoptions too.
 I chose to have a halter put on before they loaded her on the trailer.
 This was my first look as she darted out of the chute and onto the stock trailer.  My first thought was, "Wow, she is a big stout horse."  I was sort of hoping for a small scrawny one.
 Once on the trailer we could see she had a kind eye, solid feet and a massive mane.
The other horses got pretty excited when they realized another horse was on the trailer. 
 They lined up hoping to get a look.
 Isn't she pretty?
 She looks a bit long backed but it may be an illusion due to her sucked up stomach.
 At least she didn't turn her nose up at the water.
 If I ever get to touch her I'll have 6 years of dread locks to comb out.
So, she is a 6 year old mare captured in Sweetwater Wyoming in 2011.  She has been in captivity in Canon City, Colorado since.  She's had a big trip coming to the east coast.  So far I'm getting her to move around the lot, stop, face me, change directions, speed up and slow down but I have't been able to touch her with a 10 foot pole, literally.  I've got a long pole to try to work with her and she has touched her nose to it twice.  That is as close as I got today.  Thinking of calling her Sweetwater.


Kalin said...

I had planned to go and take photos but sadly wasn't able! I was only like 30 minutes away from there! She's beautiful, I can't wait to see her progress.

C said...

I've been anxious to hear a report. She looks very nice. Sweetwater sounds like a lovely name. Looking forward to the updates!

aurora said...

Looks like you drew a nice one! Sweetwater sounds like a good name for a girl with such a sweet face. Hope to see that mane combed out, it's going to be gorgeous! Is it typical for them to be contained for 5 years? That seems sooo long, during important development years.

Alica said...

This sounds like quite a project. I'm anxious to "see" how you do this! She's pretty!

Crystal said...

She sounds like a challenge but I kinda like her looks, sure will be pretty if you can ever get to her mane. You got your work cut out for you, I'm rooting for you as a winner :)

Mrs Shoes said...

LOVE that name!! An homage to her roots.

Ruth said...

She is so pretty!! Can't wait to progress you make.

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