Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sweetwater Day 1

Today was getting down to business with Sweetwater.
I managed to touch her with my loooog pole.
I was able to move her massive mane out of the way to see her tattoo.   Guess I will have to actually look it up as to what it means. 
I can sort of approach her from both sides.  I was able to rub up around the halter. 
Looks like she is doing some shedding.  As long as I kept the pole along her top line she was kind of ok with it but got pretty touchy and jumpy anywhere else.   There was no touching on the chest, girth or flank areas and very limited on the legs. 
 For the evening session I added a long rope to the pole.  This took longer to get near her with than the pole did.
 After multiple laps around the lot she finally let me rub it around on her more.
I'm thinking tomorrow I might try getting the rope all the way around her neck.  I still can't touch her and if I am very careful 2 feet is about as close as I can get.  There is another trainer in the county that got a captive born horse and he is already starting to lead it and pick up her feet.  From all of the YouTube videos I've watched I think mine may be on the wilder side.  I know she is standing still in all these pictures but there is quite a bit of running around to get her to this stage.  Maybe if I can get a lead rope on the halter things will start going better.  Worst case is I will have to try to rope her and I'm really hoping to not have to try that.


Mrs Shoes said...

I've done this with a young horse that hadn't been handled enough when he was small; it took some time but he turned into a giant marshmellow.
Then again, I wasn't on a deadline either.
Then again, I didn't have the experience that you do.
Lucky Sweetwater!

Crystal said...

Im sure you will get it. She looks tough but if she trusts you youll be ahead :) I think your doing pretty good to have gotten that far already with her

aurora said...

You are already making good progress! Nice that she doesn't have a "wild eye" in the photos. It's great that you are taking time to earn her trust, will make a huge difference later on.

C said...

You have documented the starting point. You definitely have challenges. Great that you are already showing progress!

fernvalley01 said...

looks like a good start, you have quite the project there

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