Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Ol' Switcheroo

The bred heifers have been hanging out in the back 40 for the winter.  But with calving season on the horizon, J wanted to get them moved closer to the house and barn. 
 They herded in pretty easy.
 I think my quick artistic snapshot turned out well.  So now the bred heifers are in the barn lot.
 Then the yearling replacement heifers that were behind the house had to get rounded up and moved to the barn lot.
                                    (artistic replacement heifer picture)
Then abra cadabra, the yearlings were in the back 40 and the bred heifers are behind the house.  J said he didn't plan on getting all that done this morning.  I said that he continues to underestimate his help.


Alica said...

Yup...good help is hard to find! :)

C said...

Clever post - nice artistic shots. And great help.

Mrs Shoes said...

I really like that shot through the log!

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