Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Goats And Herefords

First the bad news.  Last week we went for 7 bottle goats to 5 overnight.  The rest of the herd had started spending the night in the bottom rather than on the hill in front of the barn where the bottle ones hang out.  Therefore, all the guard dogs were with the herd and there was no protection for the bottle goats.  
 Of course, the coyotes chose the biggest ones.  I really hate coyotes.  I have saved these, taken care of them for 6 months, J has battled with them for 6 months, then pow, coyote food. 
 Because our calves will be lighter when we send them to the feedlot, J bought 15 Hereford heifers to finish out the load.  But now he really likes the Herefords and wants to bred them and resale next year as bred heifers.  He may talk himself back out of this because it will mean buying 15 more of something else to finish out the load. 
 Anyway, one was coughing this morning and had a slight fever, so she got treated for that. 
The green mark is so J can quickly pick her out over the next few days to make sure she is on the mend.


Shirley said...

Dang them coyotes! Can the goats be closed in the barn at night?

C said...

Terrible. Poor little bottle goats. What a cute goat in the door shot.

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