Tuesday, July 20, 2021

5th Case

J was rotating the cows at BJ's Saturday and was one short.  He went back and looked and one cow didn't make it out of the field, she was just laying in the gate opening.  He came home, got me and some meds, and went back to try to get her up.  She had gone back to the creek and when we tried to drive her to the barn she just laid down in the creek.  (highly unusual behavior for a cow)
We finally got her to the barn and she just laid down there too.  I drew some blood but decided not to bother testing her for theileria because she was showing all the signs the other ones did.   
Take my word for it, she is very pale.  We gave her some LA200 and a vitamin/iron supplement called Magic Cell.  (gives the body building blocks necessary to make new red blood cells)
Surprisingly, she was up and drinking when we checked on her the next day. 
Then yesterday we turned her out in a bigger lot.  J still has to haul water to her but not as far as the barn lot.  She is 7 months pregnant, not sure how all of this is going to affect that.  She is our 5th case, 3 died and one was very sick for several weeks.  This is the first case at this farm.  I haven't heard if anyone else is having the same issues we are.  It is very frustrating.  


Shirley said...

In your previous post you mentioned that Theileria is a blood parasite- does this come from ticks like Lyme does?
Hope your cow survives and that no more cases pop up.

C said...

I hope she survives too. I hate ticks.

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