Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Feed Bag and Draper

First, a brief Draper update. 
Three successful rides since my fall/throw.   Normal stuff in barn, walk, trot canter.  Then just nice calm walks outside around the farm, no outside trotting.  My nerves are still recovering.  So far so good.  

I ordered a feed bag from Tractor Supply for  Hank.  He has few teeth left so his chewing isn't the best. 
This is what the ground usually looks like after he finishes. 
He took right to the feed bag, and the ground was clean.  
But the problem is the poor design.  The seam is on the inside so a lot of feed got trapped between the sides and the seam.  
So today, I think I will try in inside out.  This will put the slick rubber side on the outside.  
And the rougher fabric on the inside, but also a smooth seam on the inside.  I will let you know how this works.  


C said...

I hope things keep going in the right direction with Draper.

Poor design on the feedback. Good idea for a quick fix. I hope it works out.

Shirley said...

Bravo for getting back on. I know how hard it is.
Building a good foundation of trust is not easy when you have been hurt.
Good idea with the feed bag!

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