Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The N word, Navicular

In the horse world Navicular is one of the most dreaded words.
My horse vet came out last week and examined Otoelene.  After doing a nerve block to the heal, she went sound.  So we scheduled with the farrier to come this week to pull the shoe so we could take radiographs. 
Otoelene was very well behaved through the entire process. 
But the radiographs reveled several lesions on the navicular bone. 
The farrier will have to order the wedge shoes we need, so another trip back tomorrow for that.  Hopefully, with different shoeing, pain meds and maybe a joint injection, I might still be able to do some light riding, but that is all I really do anyway.  Next option, looking for a stallion, Arabian maybe, to breed her to.  Or I could go with a donkey, mules don't get navicular. 

1 comment:

C said...

Terrible news. Poor Otoelene. She is such a trooper.

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