Monday, December 4, 2023

Working Ride

Joe opened up the hayfield for the cows to graze a couple of days ago.  But not all of the cows left the field they were in. 
I thought about moving them for Joe but it was so cold and windy this morning.  So I stayed inside to clean and decorate.  But in the afternoon, the sun came out, the wind stopped blowing and the temperature got up to 50 degrees.  That is the kind of weather I can handle.  Off I went with Otoelene. 
We found several culprits.  

And a pretty spicy calf. 
We got them all worked down the hill and waited for them to finish drinking. 
And there go all of the stragglers, rotation completed. 


Shirley said...

Ah the best kind of ride- when you have a job to do a-horseback.

C said...

Well said to Shirley (seems logical even though I'm no horsewoman).

"And a pretty spicy calf" - haha - that tail :)

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