Saturday, May 8, 2010


Looks like we will probably be getting a new horse.
This is Hank. I'm not sure yet what his registered name is. He is a 9 year old paint gelding. I don't have an official measurement but he looks about 15.3.
Hank is E's best friend's horse. Because of changes in hobbies they are selling all of the horses. I think E's friend likes the idea of Hank just moving across the road. That way she can still ride him whenever she comes to visit. He has only been used as a trail horse but he is a very pretty mover. I'm hoping with a little training he'll make a nice hunter.

1 comment:

G-Pride Farm said...

Very nice looking horse. Is the dog yours too? Hope Hank is a good horse for you, and your nieghbor girl will probably visit often on nice days. lol

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