Friday, May 28, 2010


When we were on the college livestock judging team there was a class called keep/cull. We were presented with 8 heifers and had to pick 4 to keep for replacement heifers and then cull the other 4. Points were awarded based on how close to the official judge you were.
It is a little more difficult in real life. Instead of points you have income. Sometimes wrong choices can lead to calving problems, poor milk production, or poor growth. All that adds up to lost income.
The profit margin in farming is slim so a lot of thought is put into the process. J's problem was that he liked most of the heifers that we had kept from sending to feedlot last fall.
We picked 20 to keep.
And had 17 to cull.
After one more sweep through the cull lot, J decided to keep one more. We then gave the pre breeding shots and dewormed them all. The bull will get turned into the heifers we are keeping in about 2 weeks.


Judy said...

I am ruthless when it comes to culling cattle!! My husband has told me if I don't watch out we won't have any cows or bulls left!! Your heifers look good!

fernvalley01 said...

Good looking group, it I can see where it might have been tough. I am a bit of a tough for culling .Hubby and I but heads on it quite a bit. I would rather keep a few less and culling older cows I am determined. It is me thst does most of the cattle handling so If they are a "heads up " gone! Bad udder, or heading that way ... gone. Hubby will kind of cling to the older ones "she has been such a good cow" But I have seen to many older cows have troubles and if I am here alone ,well ...

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