Saturday, May 22, 2010

York, Henderson, Broken Bow, Thedford and Valentine

Day 2 we continued driving west after leaving the arch. We spent the night in York, NE since the only motel in Henderson had closed. We started day 3 bright and early to visit the cattle in the feedlot at Henderson.
J was like a kid in a candy store. The cattle actually sold the week before but weren't being shipped for 2 more days. After all of that driving we were glad they were still there.
The feed truck came through while we were visiting.
J came prepared with overshoes so he could get a closer inspection. The feedlot manager said that the harsh winter weather really separated out the cattle, but our group was one of the most uniform that he fed.
Next, we made a stop in Thedford, finally in the Sandhills of Nebraska.
An internet discussion group contact was gracious enough to give us a tour of his ranch. It was good to get some first hand information from a knowledgeable rancher that has similar practices to ours even though the land is so vastly different.
We ended up in Valentine for the night but had time to drive through the local park and get a close up look at some wildlife.
We stopped for lunch at the very quaint town of Broken Bow. I highly recommend the City Cafe.

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C said...

Love the travelog. Did J actually recognize his cattle?

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