Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crazy Clients

I'm having to work a little extra this week so no picture today but I will tell you about one of my appointments yesterday.

The complaint was - Dog swallowed a rock.  I told the Tech to set up for x-rays.

Me - Did you see your dog swallow a rock?

Ms. Rockette  - No, but she likes to play with rocks and I'm just waiting for her to swallow one.

Me - What is she doing that makes you think she may have swallowed one today?

Ms. Rockette - I let her outside and when she came back in she was pawing at her face.  I gave her some water but she wouldn't drink.

Me - Well, her chin is very red and swollen.

Ms. Rockette - She did that herself with the pawing.

Me - Maybe she is pawing because it itches.  It looks like she has been stung.  See, her is a spot that looks like a sting and it's red all around it.

Ms Rockette - Well, why wouldn't she drink her water?

Me - Because she was too worried about itching her chin where she was stung and maybe she wasn't thirsty right at that instant.

Ms Rockette - So you don't think she swallowed a rock?

Tech - What happened to the dog for the x-rays.

Me - Don't ask.


CDH said...

Did the dog swallow a rock? Or did Ms. Rockette? lol!

Nell said...

Nice. I guess it takes all kinds of people in this world. Do you have an added "stupid" fee for your billing?

fernvalley01 said...

LOL must be hard to keep your "game face " some times

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