Monday, October 21, 2013

Horse Hunt

My sister L is looking for a new horse.  Yesterday me and E went down to North Carolina to look at one she thought was promising.  He was advertised as a trail horse but had been trained originally in western pleasure so L thought that with a little tuning up she could bring that back out.   Unfortunately,  it got off to a bad start when they had advertised the horse at 15 hands but it was more like 15.2-15.3.  Sort of makes a difference when you are short and go to get on one 3 inches taller than you need.  
 Then from bad to worse when he started lunging.  He looked lame, possibly on the right hind at the trot. Then took off running and bucking when asked to lope.
He stayed bent to the right going both ways.  He counter cantered to the right or cross fired never picking up the right lead in the rear.
The man shoeing him to us didn't really look coordinated to ride the horse and at this point L was sure she wasn't interested.  So to save injury, we left without riding.  The hunt continues.  E said he did have a nice tail.


Kalin said...

Awh. Horse shopping is the worst. Hope she finds a good horse!! I'm really short-like, 5'1-and my horse is about 16HH, maybe 15.3, and it's a struggle to get on him some days..I like tall horses though, so I put up with it, lol!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

horse hunting shows you the best and the worse of the industry

Kim said...

I'm right there with you. We are looking for a tall, 16-17 hand high jumper with color for J2. It seems an impossible task. What is advertised is sometimes not what it really is. Guess that one should have been listed as "lame with a pretty tail!" :P Happy hunting.

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