Saturday, October 5, 2013

Warning, Warning, Warning...Horse Show Pictures Ahead

J and I went to another horse show today.  E claimed something about a Saturday study session for Governor's School which she didn't want to miss so she didn't go with us.  V had a ticket to VT Homecoming so she didn't come either.   Oh well, maybe next time.  
 This time we took Wrangler and Brother.  There was absolutely no reaction from Wrangler to anything there.  Even the lunging this time was uneventful.  Brother was a little more spirited but J stuck with him then got on and walked and trotted around.  I took over and did some cantering with him which he did great.  
 Wrangler went first in Adult Western Go As You Please.  I broke down and wore a real show shirt but kept my helmet and brim.
 And we won 1 out of 3.  He is still barefoot and the ring was crushed gravel, so I didn't try cantering him any.  Plus, he had stepped on some sort of plastic fastener which stuck in his hoof on the way to the ring.  It wasn't too deep and I pulled it out, but I was very worried about it making him limp.
 In his second class, Green Horse/Beginner Go As You Please, he did about the same as in his first class.  But the judge came up to me to say that his head was too low, ears below withers for more than 5 strides.  She said she loved him and he was "breath taking".  She just wanted to let me know why we were 4th out of 5.  I really appreciated the explanation.
 Meanwhile, I took Brother in Open Stock Seat Equitation walk/jog.  He was really doing well, going slow and keeping his head down for the most part.  Something would occasionally catch his eye and his head would shoot up in the air, but I could regain his attention and get it back down.  We walked away with 2nd out of 9 in that class.  J was very excited about that.
 He had been doing so good that I went ahead and tried a canter class, English and Western W/T/C or W/J/L.  Brother did beautifully, picked up both leads, one down the straight-a-way in front of the grandstands from a walk.  His lope is soooo smooth, it is effortless to ride.  
 Can you believe we walked out with 1st out of 8?  Not too bad for his first show.
 J did a wonderful job again with the picture taking and helping me get the horses switched back and forth, Wrangler, Brother, Brother, Wrangler.
And I won one of the raffle drawings.  I picked this cute halter, it's cob size but I'm sure it will fit someone here.  If not, maybe J will let me get one it will fit.  

So, all in all, a great starter show for the 2 year old and 3 year old. 


Virginia Reasor said...

Awesome photography by J

CDH said...

That is so awesome. You must be so proud of your ponies. And J for taking such great pictures!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Great show!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Great show!

50+ Horses said...

Great job and congrats on the show - keep the Posts about the Shows coming!! :)

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