Monday, October 7, 2013

What's Blooming and Other Things

So here are a few random things for today. 
 The mums have opened up to be in full bloom.  Makes me wish I had a few more of them around the yard.
 And can you believe my camellia bush is blooming again.  Maybe since it is really outside of it's temperature zone it just doesn't know when it is suppose to bloom.
 And the pears are getting ripe.   But I'm holding off on making pear sauce for awhile,
 because I am busy making APPLE SAUCE!  The old trees over at our other farm had apples this year.  J and I went over and were able to pick some by standing on a ladder in the pickup bed.  These are pretty big trees.
And last random thing, Brother usually canters everywhere he goes.  Today he cantered down toward the barn where I was leading Wrangler to get shoes today.  It had rained nearly an inch this morning so when Brother stopped to keep from running through the fence, he slid about 10 feet.  Maybe we should look into some reining training for him.


CDH said...

Love the Mums! I have a ton here. they are real easy to transplant.
Nice skid marks! ha

Crystal said...

Haha I love skid marks too, thats pretty cool!

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