Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Yes, we are being invaded.....by woolly worms.  They are everywhere. 
 There were 17 on the front porch alone.
 They are also climbing all over the house and barn.
 They are everywhere in the yard.
 They are in the driveway by the score.  A lot of them don't make it out of the driveway but I didn't think you wanted to see a picture of that.
Just about anything that sits down for a minute will have one on it or under it.  J put his boots on the other day and thought a spider had bitten him. (spiders are a whole other topic)  He then saw that it was a woolly worm.  He had a rash on top of his foot for a week.


Story said...

Wowsers! Ok, none of those around our house, but I'll be here if you need a sympathetic ear for tales of spiders. You should have seen the wolf spider I ran across while cleaning up the yard a few days ago! Or the one I found in a bin of clothes I was putting away. Or...you get the idea. Ugh, I've got the heebie-jeebies again!

Breezy Valley Ranch said...

Hi, I've heard that farmers used to look at the stripe and depending on how big it was determined how hard the winter would be. The smaller the stripe the harder the winter or vice versa.

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