Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Papa R

Today was J's dad's Birthday.  He is 80 years old now.  Monday, when I had gone shopping, I saw that they had fruit trees at Tractor Supply on clearance for $10 and they were 25% off at Lowes.  I was thinking J was wanting some more fruit trees for when the economy collapses and we have to fend for ourselves. (not like we aren't already fending).  Anyway, when I told him he said,"'Daddy has been wanting a couple of apple trees."  Well, of course I couldn't get back to the store until today and they were gone from TS but guess what?   Now they were 50% off at Lowes.
 I was able to secure a golden delicious and a red delicious for Papa R's birthday.  But that also included going over and planting them.
He had a small section of the land at his house put into a conservation easement a couple of years ago.  This involved fencing the cattle out of the little creek, drilling a well, putting in waterers, and planting trees in the fenced off area.  A few of the trees didn't survive so we replaced them with the new apple trees.  Hopefully, they will get to enjoy some good apples in a couple of years.


CDH said...

Happy Birthday Papa!
We did that fence the creek off etc. Still doing a buncha stuff for the conservation district. Waterers, wells, fencing, its never ending! And they wat it done now! Ha!
Enjoy the trees! :)

Sherry Sikstrom said...

what a great gift!

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