Monday, November 7, 2016

Good Help

It's that time of year again when we work our fall calving cows.  They are done calving and getting ready to be bred back.  So the cows get a "breed back" vaccine and deworming and the calves get a 7 way vaccine and the bulls are castrated.  
 But first we had to get them in and sorted.  This is always pretty easy because J has done all the preliminaries the day before and had the cattle already in the smaller lot next to the working pens.
 And he could smile because V and Mike came to help.  J said he felt like he was on vacation with Mike doing all of the heavy lifting.
 He helped pack the cattle into the chute.
 He did the deworming and releasing.
 He brought the calves up the chute one at a time and held them for vaccinating and castrating.
 Everything when smooth as silk.
Thanks V and Mike for such good help.


Mrs Shoes said...

Oh, those Pretty red faces! What an awesome photo.

Crystal said...

Good help is invaluable!

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