Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Back 40

I think it has been a day or two since I have talked about the awesomeness of Otoelene.  
 She is my go to horse in any cattle moving situation.   She will go anywhere and never get too upset or excited about anything the cattle are doing.
 Monday, we had to head to the back 40 the gather the 9 head back there so J could sort out a cow/calf pair to move to another farm.
 Of course the cattle were not in a cooperative mood.  They went up the hill to start but then cut back down to the bottom.  I had to drive them along the creek and back up the hill on the other end.
 By this point I was really hoping that J was in position to keep them from cutting back down the hill again.
 And yes, J was right where he needed to be.
 Job well done Otoelene.
 Then Tuesday, we headed out to move the rest of the herd into the back 40.
 This time it was just me and Otoelene.  There was an awful lot of back and forth, and back and forth to get everyone moving the same way.
 But after lots of trips up and down and back and forth we finally got everyone moving in the right direction.
 This was the reason for the move out of the hollow.  It has been so dry that the springs aren't  keeping up with the needs of the cattle.  There is a big creek in the back 40 that they can go to but they just don't like going down the hill to it unless they have to.
Second job well done.  This cow is doing a great job with her set of twins.

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Mrs Shoes said...

We have the opposite problem of too damn MUCH water many years.
Though I am thankful that this year has been just right and a joy to be able to ride over almost all of our property.

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