Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another Escape Attempt

I know where there is a trampoline for sale, cheap.  And no, this is not a "Bad For Sale Picture."
Yes, E's trampoline made another escape from its pen on Sunday.  J's has continued with his refusal to touch it.  So that left me and E to try to turn it back over and corral it again.  With the help of a rope and the 4-wheeler we were successful and the trampoline surprisingly sustained very little damage (nothing permanent)  It also, miraculously, didn't damage anything else.  But really, make an offer.


Mrs Shoes said...

My parents bought my kids a really REALLY expensive trampoline (one Mommy & Daddy could never afford); to this day my 26 year old son will not even consider selling it away. He can get pretty heated at the very suggestion, and so it stays (waiting for granbabies, I say).
I guess we're lucky that the tramp is sheltered on all sides by the bunny house, the old trailer, & trees or it would have probably flown away a time or two (they call this 'the windy province'). Once, though it was collapsed, we left the umbrella in the patio table - found it the next day on the other side of the house (having narrowly missed spearing into the roof of Boot's car).
In the winter, I make Boot take everything off & store it neatly away, leaving just the frame. If she doesn't use it a lot this time of year, maybe taking the bumpers & the bouncy thing off would work for you too.

Mrs Shoes said...

Also, dying to know what you named your new little palomino!

Alica said...

I'm not surprised that the trampoline ended up relocated this weekend! I was in VA for a funeral Saturday into Sunday, and oh my...the wind on Saturday night was terrible. I never slept in a house with a metal roof until this weekend, and was it ever noisy!

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