Monday, November 14, 2016


We lost Emma this weekend from a sudden illness.  We don't know how old she was but this was her home for almost 10 years.  I had almost fallen into the trap of getting the children a puppy for Christmas.  But at the last minute I came to my senses and decided to just wait.  The right dog would come along I thought. 
 Emma showed up at the clinic as a humane society spay.  I didn't even see her until she was on the table ready for surgery.  Then, when I did the post op check the next morning I thought, "wow, this is a sweet dog and about the size and type of dog we were wanting."  I took her home to try her out and she was perfect.
She was a beautiful dog inside and out. 
She was a perfect angel whenever I took her to career day. 
She was the official greeter for anything that showed up on a trailer. 
 She loved meeting everyone.
 She made friends with all the animals on the farm both big
and small.
She didn't fetch or herd but she was a terrific doorbell and she never dug a hole or chewed on anything she wasn't suppose to. 
She played with everyone. 
When Bumble and Bea showed up she was an instant friend.

 Even when they were triple her size she was still the boss. 
 And when Kit Kat arrived he had a guardian,
 and companion.

We have talked a little bit about getting another dog. 
But J said, "you only get one good one." 
  Emma shows up in the corner of a lot of my photos,
but she made it into my favorite family photo,
 And she is center stage in our hearts. 


Jen said...

I am so sorry to read this, but I am so grateful you posted this touching tribute to her. I feel like I got to know her and what made her so special as I read this post. Hugs to you and your family.

Alica said...

I'm sorry. Emma sounds like the perfect fit for your family, and I'm sure you'll miss her!

Mrs Shoes said...

Condolences on the loss of Emma - she was one in a million. How lucky for you all that you brought her home; whatever she lived before that day, she deserved the happy life you gave her.

C said...

I have tears in my eyes. Emma was the sweetest dog. What a wonderful post. What a wonderful home you gave her. She was so friendly to everyone and every animal. I'm so sorry. I know she will be missed.

Unknown said...


Ruth said...

Im so sorry for your loss!! They truly become part of the family!! Such a beautiful girl. R.I.P

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