Saturday, November 26, 2016

Getting Better

Our new little still no name horse is getting better about being caught.  She usually comes up to me now and if trying to avoid me just walks away instead of throwing her tail over her back and taking off. 
 In the barn lot there is nothing it eat other than the grain we feed twice a day and the square bale grass hay we put out for her.  She loves her grain now but isn't too thrilled about the hay.
 So I have started turning her out some in the riding ring to graze.  There isn't much there either (or anywhere for that matter)  but it is still more than the barn lot.
She has been such a sweet heart, not really jumpy or spooky.  
She was pretty unperturbed about all of the attention she got on Thanksgiving when everyone walked to the barn to see her.  
As for a name, the breeder usually has a theme for each foal crop.  This year 2 were born on tax day so they were named Otoe's Revenue and Otoe's Income.   I'm thinking for her registered name to stick with the theme and maybe go for Otoe's Asset.  As for a barn name E is voting for Gretchen or Gretel.  I like Glitter but J said if he ended up wanting to ride her he didn't really want to be calling her Glitter.  So you can see we are still working on it.

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