Tuesday, November 15, 2016

She's Here, She's Here

As promised, we have a new addition to the farm.   We bought Otoelene's full sister Monday.  We would have brought her home sooner but she wasn't halter broke and they had a little trouble catching her. 
 But after a week, they had her leading great and she loaded right on the trailer without any hesitation.
 As soon as the other horses realized that another horse was on the trailer, they were right there to greet her.
 Isn't that the cutest little nose sticking out?
 She is only 7 months old so we will have to feed her grain this winter.  That means she will most likely stay separated from the other horses, for now anyway.
So much to learn and so much fun to be had, can't wait to get started.   Any name suggestions?


Ruth said...

She is gorgeous! Can't wait to read about all the adventures you have with her.

Mrs Shoes said...

sister to Otoelene...
How about Mabilene?

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