Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Roof Repairs

Yet another piece of tin blew up on the roof of the old barn.  
 J took the opportunity before they were calling for rain to do some repairs.   (yes, we got some rain, finally after 2 months! )
 This involved scavenging a different piece of tin, cutting the bent piece off and fitting the new into place then nailing it down.  All of this was accompanied by the appropriate language too.
 But since this was going on  on the other side of the barn J had to keep reminding me to pay attention to him and not the horses.
After the new piece was in place J went around the rest of the roof tacking down more spots.  The whole thing needs a new roof but getting anyone here to work on anything is next to impossible.  Everyone seems to want to build new stuff but no one wants to repair the old.


Mrs Shoes said...

"accompanied by the appropriate language"
Hahaha, that's almost EVERYthing around the 4Shoes!

C said...

Yikes! Stay safe up there. I see the distraction - especially if J's work was happening at the same time as the new horse meet and greet...

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