Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Guest Vet

My horse vet friend has been promising to come check out Hanks teeth for almost a year now.  I do her small animal stuff and she is kind enough to come look at things here that I can't figure out or don't have the equipment for.  I do not have the necessary equipment for teeth floating so that is all her. 
With a little sedation Hank was the perfect patient.  He is 22+ years old and Dr. C said there wasn't much she could do with the teeth he had left.  She filed some of the points off so maybe he will be able to eat his grain a little better now.   J was an excellent assistant, keeping Hank's  head held up. 
 Then there was Draper.  I worked with her last Monday and she was wonderful.  Then Tuesday she was lame.  I put her in the barn lot hoping some rest would help.  But it didn't so yesterday I put a poultice on her hoof hoping to draw out an abscess.
Then today, I had Dr. C give her opinion.  She couldn't find an abscess yet but also couldn't find another cause for the lameness.  So, most likely, it's an abscess that hasn't matured yet.  I guess I will give her another week and see what happens.


Mrs Shoes said...

I was a racetrack groom/owner for a lot of years &, though there were some horses that really needed it, for the most part I never cared for the heavy sedation, head hangers, & electric tools floating.
My vet here still hand floats - I see Dr C doing the same there - sometimes the simplest way is the still best way.

Shirley said...

Abscesses are horrible, the horse is so sore and it is a waiting game. I always feel helpless even when I poultice them, just hate seeing them so sore.

C said...

Poor Draper. I hope the poultice helps.

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