Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fall Group Weaning

Once again, J had all the prep work done, and I just had to show up.
 He had gotten the cows and calves into a smaller lot next to the working pens the night before. 
 So it was just a matter of moving them over. 
 And they all cooperated. 
 The pens were pretty crowded at the start.  We just had to let the cows that we were keeping out first.  Then, sorted out some that were to be culled.  I had to pregnancy check 3, all open just like J thought.  He watches them close enough to pretty much know which ones will be open so I don't have to check all 60.  Pretty sure I couldn't do that any more anyway.   As long as he keeps it under 10 at a time, I'm ok. 
 Then from the calves we sorted out 10 heifers to keep as replacements. 
All the other calves got brought back to the house and dewormed.  There was a lot of bawling last night.   Just checked the Farmer's Almanac and it looks like we should have waited until the 22nd.  Oh well.

1 comment:

C said...

Nice to have J set it all up. Not that I've ever been involved in this activity but I would think that pregnancy checks on 60 cows would be an ordeal (glad that J makes that unnecessary).

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