Thursday, August 9, 2018

Beach Finds

I don't think it is possible for me to go to the beach without picking something up.  There are so many interesting things.  
 Shark tooth hunting was very good this trip.  I found many just in front of the house. 
 And I found some more fossilized fish poo.  (at least that is what I am calling it.  E doesn't understand why I bother to pick it up)
 And I found lots of faces.
 Some in profile. 
 This was my favorite.  I think it looks like Grandpa from The Simpsons. 
I think there is a definite resemblance there.
 Then there was this treasure.  "What is it?" you might ask.   Well, a man stopped me and asked if I had ever heard of a moon shell.  No I had not but he described a type of snail.   He said this was the last piece of the shell left as it erodes. 
Apparently, you can tell by the flat side.  He said it is calls a sharks eye and it was his favorite shell and he has over 500.   I don't think I will be competing to find more.  They really look too much like the sand.

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C said...

I laughed out loud when Grandpa Simpson scrolled into view - I see the resemblance. Very interesting finds. I had never heard of "shark eye" or "moon shell" - very interesting. I googled it and google image shows a type of snail shell - not eroded like what you show - but similar spiral shape to what you show on the flat side.

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