Thursday, December 6, 2018

Good Grass

We were blessed with all that rain all summer and fall which then blessed us with plenty of fall pasture.  So far J has not had to start feeding hay. 
 There is still one cow left to calve at J.J. Jr's.  J is betting she is waiting for a snow blizzard. 
 He is hoping to not have to start feeding there until after Christmas. 
 We do have a problem with scours in this group.  I had to do iv fluids on a couple and Tuesday had to tube the last one born with electrolytes.
The neighbor's cattle were hanging around the gate looking longingly at the grass on the other side.


C said...

The grass is greener on your side of the fence! Congrats

Alica said...

I love seeing cattle dotting the hillsides when we drive through Virginia to my sister's house! They look so content! I guess all the rain this summer definitely had a good side to it, with all that grass!

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