Saturday, January 12, 2019

Coupon Saturday #23

It's been two months since I have posted a coupon Saturday.  There wasn't much good stuff over the last few weeks.  But new digital coupons came out making a bunch of stuff FREE!
 There was a deal on the Pepsi/Lays products, $2 off when you buy one of each.  There was a different chip that was $1 less but I splurged on the Cheetos instead.  The Revlon coupon gave $1 overage, so $0.85 plus tax for everything.  Like I said, I splurged.  I would have gotten more on different accounts but the stores around here were wiped out.  I am hoping to catch them restocked before the coupons expire.
Then I needed something to go in the free Air Wick warmer, but the only cheap thing I found came with another warmer, 25 cents.  Toothpaste free at CVS.  Does anyone pay for toothpaste anymore?

1 comment:

C said...

You continue to impress. Sorry to hear you are having competition with the couponing.

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