Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Time To Come Home

First off I would like to thank everyone that participated in the rug voting.  I had some personal emails and comments too that I will take into consideration.  It seems the vast majority vote for keeping.  I am still on the fence thinking it might limit future decorating choices.  I'll give it a few more days. 

J had a couple of bulls out with the fall calving cows at our other farm.  Breeding season is over and it was time to bring them home and back out to the bull lot. 
 J already had them sorted out of the cows.  Whenever he gets me to help, he makes it as easy as possible.  Isn't he sweet?
 Anyway, there was a little scuffle but nothing too bad.
 And they headed on into the barn lot.
 Our trailer has a cut gate so one when on front and one on the back so they wouldn't fight on the way home.
 Once we turned them out with the other bulls, there was a lot of bellowing, head scrubbing,
and mud throwing, but everything settled down quickly.  Now we just have to feed them for 6 more months until we need them again.


C said...

J is very thoughtful.

Shirley said...

Ugggh bulls... I used to work the alleys at cattle auctions, they would always run the bulls through first and I would be the lucky person who had to open the proper pen gate (according to who the buyer was). It was ok for the first bull or 2, but once more had to go in it was an adventure to say the least- all in the timing, when to open the gate in time to get the bull in without lettingthe other ones out- and they were usually scrapping.

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