Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Better Than Otoelene?

I may not go that far just yet, but things are looking promising for Draper.  So far her feet are holding up better anyway. 
 At 3 years old, and for the fact that I usually only ride her a couple of times a week, I still lounge her for a little bit before I get on.  Plus, I am old and don't like surprises.  Some days this just consists of w/t/c both ways then done.   Next, I ride her in the barn, usually w/t/c both ways, work on leg yields, side passing, pivoting (not very good yet) and backing.  Then it's outside for a ride around the farm.  So far we have covered about 3/4 of the property. 
 Who needs to go to a Cowboy Challenge with this stuff to pick our way through.
 And instead of being spooked by the uprooted tree,
 she just wanted to see if there was anything edible on it.
 She had been getting a lot better at going down steep hills with more control.
 Some of the horses get really nervous through here.  But not Draper, at least not yet.  Our side is clear, but off to the right...
you can never tell what is on the other side of the line fence.  Cattle could be moving around in there or deer might jump out.
 We did some water and mud crossings today, very calm, never tried to rush or jump over anything.
 Draper seems much  more curious than Otoelene.   She has been very brave and eager to go new places.
 I even let her play in the water for a bit, it was pretty hot.
She loves the cattle.  I'm pretty sure she would love to chase them around, but I am holding her to just walking and standing calmly around them.  Maybe when the weather cools off, we can do some official trail riding.


C said...

Draper seems to be a dream. Smart to play it safe with the ride prep.

Shirley said...

Oh she sounds like a good one!

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