Saturday, September 14, 2019

Coupon Saturday #33

V has now gotten into couponing too.  She managed to get in on a deal with Airwick that I missed out on. 
 She had one more account that she had clipped the coupon on.  It was B1G1 free, plus there was a sale, B1G1 free, which made 2 totally free.  By the time I realized this, they had pulled the coupon off the site.  Anyway, I think V got them on 3 accounts but was saving one for her $5 off $25 Saturday.  You will notice, there is no Airwick in the picture.
 And her total is pretty high.  She said the store was out of lots of stuff so she had to improvise.  Her problem was, she grabbed the wrong Airwick, so the coupon didn't work.  She ended up returning those so her real total was about $4.
 This was the deal I came up with.  Finally found a store with the free plug, plus the $1 Finish tabs and I had one account with a $2 off Finish, so $1 overage, YAY.
Not too bad, -0.05 made it $1.06 with tax.  I love getting paid to go shopping.  Plus, V let me use her receipt for my Ibotta app, which gave me 50 cents back on the Suave deodorant.  Another score!

1 comment:

C said...

A new protege!

at -0.05 cents - the master sets the bar very high

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