Friday, September 27, 2019

Crossing The Creek

Draper has been doing so good lately that I thought I might try her across the creek.
 With the drought we are in, the creek is pretty low right now.
 There were some ducks to contend with.  Is it a raft of ducks because they are in the water or a brace of ducks since some are on land?  Anyway, it turned into a flock of ducks when they all took to the air.  But no spook from Draper!
 And we went calmly across, after a little splashing.
 Some of the horses get a little antsy when faced with the wide open space.  But Draper took it all in stride and calmly and curiously walked around the field.
 You can see how brown our hill behind the house is.  Since it lays to the south, it is burnt to a crisp. 
 Then it was time to head back across the creek.  But only after a little more splashing. 
It is really beautiful and peaceful down at the creek. 


IanH said...

Creeks are fun! My Appaloosa, Biz, used to like to put her chin in the water and make waves. The first time was very weird!

Shirley said...

Such a good mare! Looks like you have some nice places to ride right out your back door.

C said...

Enjoyed the views between Draper's ears. I did not know all those names for a group of ducks - interesting.

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