Sunday, December 27, 2020

Parks Board Game

E received the game Parks for Christmas. 
It looked like a good fit for a naturalist interested in hiking and visiting the National Parks.   Four of us tried to play it yesterday.  Between us all were 4 undergraduate degrees, 3 masters degrees and a DVM.
Note the ages and time to play.  And interestingly, you can play by yourself. 
The game is super cute, nice game piece, 
and beautiful graphics. 
After an hour of reading the 10 pages of directions we finally had the board set up. We managed 1 round of turns with mostly illegal moves before giving up.  I really have no idea how a 10 year old could figure this out.  E decided we needed to try it when we were more rested and maybe with just 2 people, then add in more as we figured things out.  I have since watched a couple more youtube videos and think I am ready to try again.  I'll let you know how it goes. 


Shirley said...

A 10 yr old would probably have it figured out in minutes! Looks like an interesting game.

C said...

I imagine a ten year old would have made up their own rules rather than try to read complicated instructions. When you have to seek out youtube videos to explain the game you know it is complicated. It does have a great look.

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