Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Weaning The Last Group

J decided that yesterday would be the day to move the cattle back to this side of the creek and wean the calves. 
They were a little stubborn to start with, standing and bawling but not coming across.  
They finally came, no need to cross over ourselves and help herd. 
Two pairs had gotten out the day before and J did have to go after those. 
He had noticed a wire on one cows fetlock, he said it looked like she was wearing a bracelet.  
But it turned out more serious than that.  
The cut round part was visible, that twisted tail thing was not.  It was jammed way up between her toes and very difficult to pull out.  J said it looked like she felt better today.  I would hope so after getting that thing off. 
And we had some fabulous help.  E is home from her job in GA, on a break until she heads off to Texas for a few months.   She helped with the sorting and deworming, no pictures there because I had to leave but I am told everything went well.  
And on another note.  Happy Birthday E!

1 comment:

C said...

Happy Birthday E

Nice to have some good help.

That wire thing - YIKES - poor cow I'm sure she felt better without that jammed up her foot.

That first picture would make a great postcard. Beautiful view.

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