Thursday, December 17, 2020

Wildlife and death

I got one more ride in on Tuesday before the weather turned bad here. 
I decided to just ride down the road and back since it was still somewhat muddy.  At the far entrance to the farm I was greeted by the smell first.  
It was a little harder to identify without the head, but the smell... Yes, a headless skunk.  Otoelene was a little leary of this but walked by, no problem.
We had a nice rest of the ride and on the way back to the house I saw this happy bouncy squirrel.  A big improvement over the headless skunk.  


C said...

Thankful that the internet does not convey smell.

Shirley said...

I wonder if owls got the skunk. I know they rip the head off some of their prey, but don't know if they go after skunks.

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