Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Mission Accomplished

I made the top 100!  Ok, maybe it wasn't that difficult.  But I did have to sneak up on these mallards, they are pretty easy to spook. 
I only had to id 30 different bird species to make the top 100 ebirders for the county that I live in.  I guess I will go after the stretch goal E recommended and try for the top 50 which will also coincide with 50 species.  
I just love this little king fisher, now that's a beak. 
And E, is this a red shouldered hawk?  I'm going with yes.  Just 20 more.  Hopefully it will be a piece of cake once the weather warms up.  


C said...

Goal met in under 2 months. Great job. Very nice bird photos. E should appreciate them.

Tervpack said...

That little hawk at the end is a kestrel! One of my favorite birds.

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