Saturday, February 27, 2021

Repairs and Maintenance

First, thanks for the correction on the hawk picture.  It is a Kestrel. (already on my list however)
Now, on repairs and maintenance; for those schedule F filers, you know what I mean.  Anyway, on a farm there is no shortage of items in that category.   Barn roofs are our current project. 
Even though our new barn is only 10 years old, we have been having a lot of roof leaking issues.  It was determined that the clear skylight material was to blame.  Apparently it doesn't last that long.  It was already cracking and splitting and I was having to cover everything in the shop in plastic and set out buckets to catch the water.  I am keeping the skylight material on the outside wall, no issue with that yet.
But we had the roof vent replaced with solid  and the original builders didn't like how they had braced the rafters 10 years ago,  so they also added more bracing.  
We also went from 2 panels to one in the shop.  I really liked how bright the skylights made things but I don't like the idea of having to replace them all the time.  Maybe one will hold up better than two. 
We also had a new roof put on the old section of the old barn.  It was pretty much like a sieve.  
J picked green to match the new barn.   Maybe he won't have to get up there to repair it after every wind storm now. 

They also jacked it up and put in new support posts in several places.  I can now open and close the side door all by myself.  


C said...

Well that is aggravating - to learn that the sky light panels do not last as long as the roof. I hope your one will hold up. I imagine you will be enjoying the new repairs in general. It has to be nice to have things in better working order (especially when you have been dealing with the problems for a while)

Shirley said...

Clear plastic seems to be at the mercy of UV rays. But replacing it every so often is probably better than paying for the electricity for lights.

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