Monday, July 4, 2022

Oh Jessica

Joe has been looking at horses for sale on different websites every night.  Prices are sky high and there is nothing close by at all.  I decided this morning to catch Jessica and see how this 21 year old was getting along.  
It took about 15 minutes to catch her so that part was back to normal.  I saddled her up and lunged her a little bit and she was doing fine.  I went ahead and got on, she hasn’t been ridden in a year.  She acted like she could step into a western pleasure class. 
Next, Joe go on.  He decided we could go ahead and get shoes because he might just start riding her again while he is looking for something younger.
She never has been quite the same since her bout with Lyme disease a few years ago.  And she has never been a light mover.  But it looks like she is doing well enough for some light trail riding.  Let’s get some shoes on and try her out.

1 comment:

C said...

I hope all works out with Jessica so you can do some trail riding. The horse market seems to be following the car market. High prices and limited selection.

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