Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dreadful Cattle For Sale Pictures

J was scrolling through Craig's List and suggested I start a new feature with some really dreadful cattle for sale pictures. 
 His first comment was, "how wild are they?"
 Really, you can post up to 24 pictures with each Craig's List entry, but as you can see more doesn't always mean better.
 I kept scrolling back and forth saying, "aren't they just repeating the same three pictures?"
 J assured me they were all subtly different.
 Maybe I could create a game of how many differences do you see like they use to have in Highlights Magazines.

By the way, they are wanting $7500 for 1 bull and 7 heifers.  Glad they told us, because you sure can't tell by looking.


C said...
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C said...

Truly terrible for sale pictures.

Reminds me of Steve Martin's "Cows in Trouble"
These were not the average "contented" cows. They were cows born for trouble. They were not cows who could stand by and let people call them "bossy." They were cows who could not hang around all day lowing. They were cows who could be just as happy chewing someone else's cud as their own. These were renegade cows.

Mrs Shoes said...

Luv. this.
Sellers can be so clueless... $7500? Hah!

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