Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Parasite Plague

Once again, wet weather means worms. 
 We have lost several kids to the infestation again this year.
 Instead of getting all of the goats up and stressing them more, we have been walking through them in the mornings and evenings, catching the ones that are puny looking or have messy rear ends, deworming them, then marking them so we don't catch them again.
 J asked the other day if I had a new marking crayon.  Yes, I have had a new one in waiting for a couple of years now.  When I pulled it out, J went to throw the old one away.  I said, let me keep it, I think there is still some good left in it.  Waste not, want not.
 Just thought this was a cute picture, My Pillow, yet it is sleeping on rocks.
Then on a different plague-
For the last couple of weeks, we have had a fence crew in building almost a mile of new fence.  There were 4 once beautiful but now dead ash trees along this section that we went ahead and had cut so they wouldn't fall on the new fence.  They just died this year, most likely due to the Emerald Ash Borer.  Yet another invasive species from Asia killing our stuff.  Does anything from over here go there and kill their stuff? Not that I want that to happen, just frustrated at the loss.

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