Tuesday, November 26, 2019

My Johnny West Horse

The farrier was here the other day.  I had the shoes pulled off Hank and Jessica for the winter, but I kept shoes on Otoelene and Draper.  
 When it was Drapers turn, she decided to throw her tail up and take off running around the lot.
I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.  When I saw this one it reminded me of my Johnny West horse, Flame. 
 Don't you agree there are some similarities?  I thought there was a palomino one, but that must still be at my mothers house.  This bay is one of J's.  Maybe this is why he is so attracted to solid bay horses. 
But I found this one on Ebay.   I knew Flame came as a palomino.  
 After a few laps, she was done and she settled down fine for the farrier.


C said...

Yes yes yes - Draper == Flame!! Nice shots

Jen said...

Total blast from the past for me - I grew up playing with my mom's old Johnny West horses, but I haven't thought about them in decades at this point! She definitely looks like the palomino.

Shirley said...

Love it when they give you photo ops like that!

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