Friday, January 10, 2020

Christmas "Tree"ate

During Tuesday's Snow storm the goats had made their way to the field behind the house.  
 I thought this would be a good opportunity to give them the Christmas tree.
 At first there wasn't much interest, just one brave soul to check things out.

 Jewel kept watch over the proceedings.
 Pretty soon, everyone was getting in on the action.
 Even the billy goat was enjoying himself.

Today, this is all that is left.  Eaten down to the bone.  I think the Christmas "Tree"ate was a big hit.


Shirley said...

Are there any issues with feeding the trees to pregnant mares? I always used to throw mine in the horse pen, much to their delight but heard that it may not be good for pregnant mares. My trees are always either spruce or balsam fir.

C said...

Happy to see the goats get their yearly treat. It is amazing how they clean the tree to its "bones".

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