Sunday, June 7, 2020

Amazing Find

Guess where I am, yes the beach!
I don’t know what got into J, but he said he would stay home and take care of things and I could go to the beach.  So off I went.   But with no one else here, I have pretty much just been out strolling and enjoying looking for shark teeth. 
 And look what I found this morning, the biggest tooth I have ever found.   So the back story, you never know what you will be doing right before you look down and there it is.  I still pretend that I can run fast.  So, sometimes, when the beach is wide open and there is no one else around, I will do some 50 or 100 yard sprints.  I had taken off on one of these sprints, between the ocean and a trough of water on a sort of sand bar.  I thought the sand was hard, and it was to start with.  I was at my top speed (which in my mind is really fast) and thinking I can do this for the full 100 yards, when I hit soft sand. My foot sunk and I fell to my knees.  My first check, yes my back is ok.  Second check, no one close to have witnessed that embarrassment. I washed the sand off and headed to the beach side of the water trough, looked down and saw “the tooth”.
 I am up to 64 teeth so far.
And a bunch of see glass and a couple of faces.


C said...

What an exciting find! Looks like you have some other nice teeth too.
I like the sea glass and shells and little faces.

The running and falling - yikes. So glad you are ok.

Shirley said...

A day at the beach sounds wonderful, especially when you have it all to yourself.

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