Monday, June 1, 2020

It's Always A Good Day When...

I get to ride Otoelene to gather the cattle.
 M was coming to help with the last group of cows and calves and J wanted to have everything ready. 
 So he stood at the gate and swooked, and I circled around and pushed them all into the lot.
 I don't think I have mentioned for a couple of days now how awesome Otoelene is. 
 But I'm sure you can see her awesomeness here.
 Then it was time for some foot work.
 The young calves can be a little tricky to get in the barn.
 But they were no match for M and J's quick footedness.
Can you tell how hard it was working 65 pairs?


IanH said...

Vast is dis "Swooked"? New word for me.

C said...

I'm not sure how you got all these pictures taken (especially of Oteolene) but you (and your assistent?) did a good job. So happy you are happy with O - she is making a good working horse.

Swooked - not sure - is that making a whooping sound to get the cows' attention and signal them to move to the next field?

Shirley said...

Hahaha I was going to ask about swooked too.
Always a good day when you ride a good horse!

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