Friday, June 19, 2020

Heavy Metal, Nice Ride

 J bought a new to us tractor, Kubota 7060 with 161 hours. 
I think this one is just my size, but I might have to get a different outfit to not clash with the orange.  This one is going to be headed to our new farm as soon as we close on it. 
 Then I went riding on Otoelene, still trying to exercise the weight off of her or at least keep her from gaining more.  Can you tell I enjoy finding an open gate?
 Just thought this was a nice view on my ride.  I liked all of the blooming Viper's bugloss.
When I rode through the cows I ran across the calf nursery.  I like when I find a lot of calve together with just one or two cows watching.  Makes me think of calf daycare.

1 comment:

C said...

Good looking new tractor. Happiness - finding an open gate (totally get it). Calf nursery (calf daycare - funny concept).

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