Monday, June 29, 2020

Coupon Saturday #45

I had a pretty good Saturday with Dollar General. 
 I had a Coke senario worked out with the Coke being 3/$10.  But when I got there it was on sale 3/$8.  So I had to do a slight adjustment.  $6.50 plus tax.  Then I also got $1.1 back from Fetch so $5.40, even better. 
 This one was a little upsetting.  I had a $3 digital for the pink razors and two paper $2 ones for the black razors.  One of the paper attached to the pink razors which left no coupon for the black one.  So, what should have been 25 cents ended up being $3.25.  But since I have had so many good successes I just sucked it up and paid.  Then I found that the Snuggle had $2 back on Ibotta, so not a total failure.
Then I saved the best for last.  Hot Chocolate is $1.85.  So what did I pay for all of this?  80 cents plus tax.  I love getting what I want cheaper and lots of free stuff.  Very fun hobby.

1 comment:

C said...

So crazy. I feel your frustration on the middle scenario (a good deal just not the crazy good deal you had planned).

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